Classic Sets

Chic Lash Set

*Perfect for first time lashers  * Teens *  Natural Mascara look *  Everyday look* 

up to 80 lashes per eye


up to 1.5hr. / Relash $50-$60



Naturally Chic Set

*Fuller *  Natural looking *  Events * Photoshoots* Perfect for those who don't wear a lot of make up*

 100+ lashes per eye


up to 2hrs    Relash $70/$80


Volume Sets

Chic'd Out! Hybrid Set

This set is a Classic 1:1 mixed with Volume 2D-5D (fans)

Fuller look  * Fluffy, softer style *  Events * photoshoots


        2-2.5hrs/ Relash $80-$100





Chic'd Out! Volume Set

* Fuller * Softer and Dramatic looking* Photo shoots * events

Classic sets are 1:1 ( 1 extension to your 1 natural eyelash)

Volume 2-5D  (2-5 lighter extensions to your 1 natural lash)


Price: $200-$250

up to 3hrs/ Relash $100-$150






Maintenance is key in helping your extensions last longer as well as helping to keep the integrity of your natural lashes.

You will be given a Lash kit that includes

- mascara wand to brush lashes twice a day to help keep lashes from twisting  

- micro swab to help clean your lashes from any makeup, dirt, lint etc.

-Lash Shampoo that you will use daily to rid any makeup residue, dirt and oils. Cleaning your lashes properly will aid in the longevity of extensions and prevent Blepharitis.

 Blepharitis commonly occurs when tiny oil glands located near the base of the eyelashes become clogged. This leads to irritation, reddened eyes and inflammation. 


Relashes are recommended every 2-3weeks. You lose natural lashes every 60-90 days and since each natural lash has its own cycle you can lose 3-5 lashes a day and will need to fill in areas to maintain fullness.


Must have at least 50% of your lashes or it will be considered a Full Set.